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Teeth Whitening Cost

The tooth is an essential organ that adds smile value to the face and enhances the overall look. Teeth whitening cost is the process of eradicating tough stains on the surface due to the sedimentation of food deposits. This dental procedure cleanses the teeth and restores their original color, which is why it is named teeth whitening. It has achieved more innovation in the cosmetic line to improve the teeth hygiene of people by removing the yellow particles in the enamel part. Teeth whitening cost can increase confidence levels in individuals by letting them smile without any discomfort in public. People undergo this advanced procedure before attending a close one’s wedding or before a conference meeting to look presentable to the crowd.

How much does teeth whitening cost in India?

The teeth whitening cost in India depends on the city you reside in, as provided by the government. In Delhi, the price is between 8000-10000 INR, while in Ahmedabad, it’s comparatively lesser, ranging between 7000-9000. The teeth whitening cost in Kolkata is between 6500- 10000 INR, while in a bustling city like Chennai, the tariff rates are between 7000 to 9000 INR. The Teeth Whitening cost in metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Bangalore is slightly higher going up to 10000 INR.

Tips for Choosing the Right Teeth Whitening Method for You.

There are different types of whitening procedures based on your problem’s severity and predefined budget. Introspect your problem and choose the desired procedure based on your budget and time availability to reap the best results.

1. Laser Teeth Whitening

This advanced procedure uses lasers to trigger the whitening gel on the affected teeth area. The results are commendable, and the procedure costs between 7000 and 12000 rupees in India.

2. Charcoal Teeth Whitening

Activated charcoal is a wonderful agent for removing tough stains on the teeth. It is available as a powder or paste in the market and priced at 300-500 rupees.

3. Coconut Oil Pulling

This is a natural process where coconut oil is applied in the mouth and swirled for a few seconds to remove the discolorations on the impacted teeth. A safe procedure that promises oral health, and the charges may be between 500-1000 INR.

4. Whitening kits

These kits cover a tray and hydrogen peroxide solution gel and are inserted into the teeth for a certain period. These kits can be purchased from stores and applied at home. Due to the instantaneous results, these kits are highly priced and can go up to 9000 rupees.

5. Teeth Whitening Strips

These whitening strips can be placed over the teeth to remove the yellow stains and give the teeth a revived glow. People with busy schedules can opt for this method instead of undergoing treatments. The strips are pricy, ranging between 3000 to 6000 in India.

6. Tooth Whitening Paste

Plenty of whitening pastes are available in the market exclusively for kids and adults in different brands. If used regularly, These toothpaste can cleanse the teeth and are reasonably priced at just 200 to 500 rupees.

How to get the best results from teeth whitening

It is important to adopt post-operative care after the teeth whitening procedure, whether at home or professionally. Your teeth are more prone to discolorations and sediment deposits and give an awkward look, meaning more hygiene is expected to be followed. Avoid intaking more caffeine if you are a coffee lover to prevent staining on the teeth surface. Shift to a less abrasive toothpaste and brush twice or thrice daily to maintain an oral regimen for overall tooth wellness. Take your dentist’s advice seriously and stick to it to endure healthy and clean teeth in the long run. Use some mouthwashes if you experience any bad odor in your mouth to keep your mouth clean and free from the invasion of any germs. Proper maintenance of your teeth can ensure healthy and hygienic teeth for years to come making your teeth whitening an investment all worth it.


The teeth whitening cost in India are inexpensive compared to other countries and promise incredible results, ensuring the wellness of the teeth. Quadri’s dental clinic in Shimoga, Karnataka, is a reputed service provider for teeth repair with an adept team of dentists. Our dentists are pleasant and professional, listen to the patient’s problems, and provide quality dental services that instill the lost confidence in the individuals. We ensure that our patients are kept in a calming environment during the whitening procedure to help them feel at home. Our dentists use non-harmful premium whitening agents that produce the best results on your teeth by removing all the dirt. Seek our experienced team of dentists to help, and we assure you that you will walk out with a contended smile.

Our teeth whitening procedures are completely pain-free and relaxing as we put the patients on a therapy chair to make them feel comfortable. Our dentists inspect the teeth and monitor the improvements during the procedure to ensure the process goes as expected. At Quadris, our experts employ advanced technologies to ensure you regain the lost shine in your teeth and face the outside world power packed with full positivity. We are committed to excellence in dental care and promise a gracious smile no matter what you go through. Feel free to schedule an appointment now on our website and benefit from our flawless teeth whitening services from the trusted group of dentists with adequate experience in dentistry. Experience super-fast transformation on your teeth with our whitening procedures that use the modern laser technology.

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