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Root Canal Treatment

What is root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment is a safe dental procedure performed on the teeth to remove the infected pulp which is later refilled with filling materials to preserve the whole tooth for future. This operation ensures there is zero pain after it is done by providing utmost ease to the patients. It is also known as endodontic surgery and the main purpose of carrying out is to avoid the permanent loss of the tooth. A local anasthesia is given to the patients to keep the patients pain less during the procedure. Root Canal Treatment is less time consuming with advanced technology and can easily restore the convenience of the patients by bringing back their lost smiles.

What are the symptoms of a root canal?

Some severe symtoms that indicate root canal treatment is mandatory are listed as below.

1. Persistent and unbearable pain in the specific area while chewing or crunching. The pain may become worse while eating hard foods which is a primary indication for undergoing Root Canal Treatment.
2. A few spots on the gum area that are clearly visible in the mirror.
3. A cracked tooth that causes discomfort while munching or accumulation of food deposits in the gap. This marks the need for Root Canal Treatment as the infected tooth or pulp is prone to infection easily.
4. A strong sense of pain in the tooth even after a long time of intaking either cold or hot drinks. This symbolises the importance of RCT as the infected tooth is causing a lot of ache to the person.
5. Inflammation of the gums that can result in long-lasting pain.
6. Tooth discoloration can imply that the blood vessels inside the tooth are at the verge of damage and needs immediate tooth decay procedure.

How long does it take to recover from a root canal treatment?

The average time for recovery after root canal treatment is one week if proper medication is taken. A slight pain can be felt at the site which could be handled easily by taking painkillers temporarily. This healing time is for the restoration of the gums from the swelling and promises improved chewing in patients. However, the maximum healing time does not exceed more than two weeks after which the patients will be absolutely fine.

What are the things to avoid after root canal treatment?

Avoiding refrigerated drinks and foods is mandatory after the root canal procedure to avoid swelling or pain at the area. Also sticky foods like jelly beans, jaggery, and bakery items are strictly prohibited to avoid sedimentation of foods in the gums that can lead to intense pain and infection. Alcohol consumption must be a strict no as it can cause bleeding in the Root Canal Treatment area. Also hard foods like red meat, nuts, carrots, and apples must be neglected for a stipulated time as it can put a huge pressure on the tooth while chewing. It is also good to stay away from hotel foods as they are spicy and lead to mild irritations that can cause discomfort in the fixed pulp area.

1. Chewing on the treated tooth

If you have undergone a tooth decay procedure on the left side, then it is suggested to consume and chew foods on the right side to feel minimal pain for a period of time.

2. Smoking

Smoking must be completely avoided as it can affect both your mental and physical health if you are diabetic which in turn can cost your teeth.

3. Drinking hot or cold liquids

Avoid consuming too cold or hot foods as the temperature can affect the repaired tooth as it is sensitive to sudden temperature change. Take at optimum temperature keeping in mind the wellness of your tooth.

4. Using a straw

Always make it a practice to use straws in the drinks to avoid excess consumption unknowingly that can impact the fixed tooth area. Go slow and consume little amount of fluids in the initial days to avoid any deposits or infection in the gums.

5. Rinse your mouth vigorously

Make it a practice to google your mouth every morning after you brush your teeth to keep it clean and sterile. You can also rinse your mouth after every meal to avoid any fat deposits in the cleaned site. This can also avoid any bad odours in the mouth giving you a relaxed and rejuvenated feel to your inner self.

How can I prevent the need for a root canal treatment?

Having a healthy lifestyle by avoiding junk foods is the primary thing to do to avoid root canal treatments. Make a practice to go for regular dental check-ups to know your tooth health and keep it clean every day. Avoid hard foods that can put a huge pressure on the tooth so that your pulp is saved as well. Brushing should be done atleast three times a day to keep the channels hygienic and good to avoid smoking as it is hazardous to your overall health. If you are facing cavity problems, it is advised to get it checked and fix immediately. It is good to use fluoride free toothpastes to avoid the implication of any harsh chemicals on the tooth.

Skip sugar rich foods and monitor your sugar levels if you are diabetic to avoid Root Canal Treatment. Acidic foods must be strictly neglected as their consumption can affect the tooth enamel alarmingly. A small damage in the enamel can even be the trigger for a permanent tooth decay and lead to RCT. Do not take any prior symptoms like gum swelling, bleeding, severe pain in the tooth area lightly as it could cost your tooth. Adapting a healthy diet in your daily life can keep your immunity levels high by fighting against antibodies that may enter your tooth.


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